Full Technical Audits

The quality and integrity of a business website speaks volumes about the business itself. Even if it looks good on the surface, your site can have any number of technical and functional issues holding it back. Not all of them are catastrophic, but the small stuff can add up, potentially compromising your ability to bring in leads, convert, and maintain loyalty. This is why, on top of our web design and development services, we provide comprehensive technical site audits.

We Have an Eye for the Details

CAYK is more than a marketing agency. We double as a web design and development team built on decades of experience, & that experience has taught us a thing or two about what determines the success or failure of a business website. While we certainly take a holistic approach to the way we develop marketing plans, we’ve also learned that this big-picture thinking must be combined with a highly refined sense of detail. This is absolutely crucial if you want a site to move like clockwork & support the various marketing processes that depend on it to be successful. Every aspect of your site, no matter how small, needs to do its job!

To give your marketing website the maintenance it deserves, CAYK’s web development specialists have designed a 300-point technical audit that we use to assess and improve site performance. It allows us to ensure that our clients’ websites are always working to the best of their ability. Here are a few things that an audit this detailed can accomplish for your business…

Improve User Experience

At the intersection of web design and marketing, user experience is everything. If your site has an outdated design, 94% of visitors won’t trust it. 47% of them expect your web pages to load in two seconds or less. Falling short on mobile friendliness will make your visitors 5 times more likely to abandon what they’re doing on your site. If your contact forms or your live chat don’t work as they should, you stand to lose countless leads. Missing the updates that your CMS and plugins need can also introduce usability issues. These are only a tiny portion of the elements affecting UX, but they all depend on having a site that’s functioning well on a technical level.

Many of the points we cover in our full technical audits will serve to optimize the overall experience your site offers its visitors. The effects of this will go beyond your website itself. They’ll ultimately benefit your traffic, SEO, conversions, content strategy, and so much more.

Maximize Search Efficiency by Page

The technical strength of a website is integral to the success of your SEO strategy. In fact, we carry out dedicated SEO audits to evaluate on-page ranking factors and more. Simultaneously, however, your site must perform at its best if you want your landing pages to help you reach your conversion goals. Part of our auditing process looks at the meeting point between SEO and CRO by evaluating the search efficiency by page. This will illuminate how well the search ranking and converting power of a page are working together to help you accomplish your objectives. From there we can determine what the marketing focus for that page should be.

In addition to search efficiency by page, our 300-point technical audits will address web development issues that may directly or indirectly threaten your search ranking and your conversions. As always, even the smallest details need to work for you rather than against you.

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