Custom Designed and Developed Websites

“Do you have a website?”

This is one of the most definitive questions in modern commerce. People may ask you in person, or it’ll be on their minds when they find you in Google My Business listings. Either way, it’s one of the first things that a person wants to know about a business. Why? Because they’re faced with more choices than ever when looking for the things they need. When they visit your custom designed and developed website by CAYK, that choice will be a no-brainer.

A Website Says a Lot

75% of consumers say they’ll determine the credibility of a business based on the design of its website. This is because a website says a lot about your company, and on multiple levels. In the more obvious sense, it tells visitors what you offer, why you’re different from others who offer the same things, and even the story behind how your business came to be.

It also delivers an unspoken message. If your site is outdated and difficult to navigate, it says that you don’t truly value the quality
of the experience you provide. If it’s not one of the 94% of business websites that are mobile-friendly, it says that you don’t mind missing out on all that precious mobile traffic, which accounts for half of all web traffic worldwide.

Even if these things aren’t true and your principles are all in the right place, your visitors won’t know it if your website doesn’t show it. In less than a second, it defines countless first impressions & will make or break countless conversions & sales. At CAYK, it’s our mission to make sure that your site says all the right things in all the right ways!

Empowering Your Marketing Plan

Marketing a business is a multi-faceted journey. You need to maximize your visibility in search results and bring it organic traffic, drive paid traffic with sharp PPC campaigns, maintain an engaging social media presence, learn as much as you can about your leads and customers, and work diligently to convert and retain. A comprehensive, holistic marketing plan brings these and other essentials together to ensure the success and growth of your company, but no business can pull any of this off without a strong website.

Your search rank & organic traffic are significantly affected by the on -page SEO efforts that go into your site. Your ads will only drain your budget if they don’t lead to high-converting landing pages. The time & attention it takes to build and engage with your following on social media won’t be well spent unless your posts link to great content on your blog. The level and quality of insight you can gain from examining visitor behaviour should also never be taken for granted. When CAYK designs and develops your business website, it won’t just be a place for product photos. It’ll be a platform, a resource, and a precision tool for empowering your entire marketing plan.

An Excellent User Experience

All of those marketing processes are important to business owners like you and marketers like us, but what about your leads and customers? They probably don’t arrive at your site thinking, “I sure hope this business uses the right keywords in their copy!” Instead, they have an experience. The considerations that inform the design and development of a site must be driven towards one goal: to make that experience as high in quality and relevance as possible.

To accomplish this, you need a responsive, mobile-friendly design, swift and seamless navigation, immediate access to customer care tools like live chat, and plenty of useful, engaging information that meets the visitor’s exact needs. And that’s just for starters. The websites we build at CAYK don’t just look great, they’re focused on providing a high-performance user experience that generates
sales and loyalty for your business.

Everything Begins
with a Plan

Content is the voice of your website. This is true not only about the articles you post on your blog, but also the various pages of text that tell your story and describe your products or services. Every bit of writing on your site will define how you communicate with your audience. Of course, it’s hardly a secret that keyword research, content length, relevance, and engagement factor are critical to your SEO and brand image. To do its job properly, content needs to be more than just well-written and search-optimized. It needs to be well-formatted, presentable, readable, and easy to navigate. Oh, and duplicate content? Avoid at all costs.

The more extensive a technical audit of your website is, the more your content will benefit. Even the strongest piece of writing can fail to serve its marketing purpose if certain visual or functional issues aren’t identified. We’re committed to keeping the voice of your site strong and clear.

Let CAYK Give Your Business
the Website It Deserves

The web design and development specialists at CAYK have built websites for companies of all sizes throughout Western Canada and even the U.S. Whether you’re a small team with a new business or a well-established franchise, we’ll give you nothing less than an expertly crafted site shaped by your goals, guided by our marketing savvy, and built to drive sales. Get in touch to make the online headquarters of your business just as powerful as you need it to be.

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    CAYK Care Maintenance & Support Plans

    Your website is the online headquarters of your company and the centre of your entire digital marketing strategy. That’s a pretty tough job, and your site won’t be up to the task if it’s left to fend for itself. It needs to be maintained, strengthened, and optimized as time goes on. This is why we developed CAYK Care. It’s a range of subscription plans that guarantee your marketing website dependable support and robust maintenance, all tailored to traits of your business.

    Just the Essentials with Our Basic Plan

    Every business starts from somewhere, and you don’t need to be a multinational corporation to have a dependable website. If you’re a humble operation with a more simplified set of needs, we have the CAYK Care package for you.

    Our Basic Plan will provide all of the key essentials that make a small business marketing website thrive. Getting the most your site requires timely and attentive support, today’s content management tools & plugins need software updates, & routine analytics summaries are essential for optimized marketing performance.

    Under the Basic Plan, you’ll have all of this & more. It’s fast and reliable access to the same powerful marketing team behind our other plans, streamlined into a time-efficient & cost-effective package to fit your needs as a blooming local company.

    A Step Further with Our Standard Plan

    Not all small business owners will find that the bare essentials can meet the needs of their marketing website. For plenty of emerging companies and family operations, a little more is necessary, and our Standard Plan offers exactly that.

    This package will give your business all of the support and maintenance services included in our Basic Plan and complement them with a few top-tier extras. It’ll give you more access to our support team, help you improve the security of your site, and more.

    Our Standard Plan is just as dependable and budget-optimized as our Basic Plan, while being perfect for those of our small business clients who are looking for added value and power.

    Enhanced Care with Our Upgraded Plan

    Many of our clients are medium-sized enterprises with larger budgets, more sophisticated sites, and a wider set of needs. For a business like this, even greater precision is required to maintain the marketing strength of their website. This is where our Upgraded Plan comes in.

    For this, we’ve bundled up everything in our Standard and Upgraded plans and taken it to a higher level. You’ll have even more access to our support team, additional analytics and site monitoring, tracking of incoming calls from leads, and other high-quality services.

    With enhanced marketing strength in a compact package, it’s a website support and maintenance plan that no medium-sized business should go without.

    Complete Marketing Power with Our Premium Plan

    For a bigger company, the stakes are higher. A complex, high-performance marketing website needs to be working like clockwork. When the needs of your company dictate a truly top-tier maintenance and support package, our Premium Plan will never disappoint.

    As you may have guessed, this includes everything in our Basic, Standard, and Upgraded plans. On top of this, it guarantees maximum priority access to our support team and offers an impressive range of web security fortification services for your site and its data.

    This is CAYK Care at its most robust and luxurious, yet it’s designed to give your marketing website the utmost power at the best possible value. It perfectly complements the growth and success of your formidable business.


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